Think of something so unique, so extraordinary. Something never tried anywhere before in the world. This is where BRPH thrives.

Rapid changes in technology and fluctuating market conditions mean our clients need agile, resilient, yet long-lasting solutions.

As a technically focused firm, we embrace big challenges and deliver creative solutions. We are problem solvers who strategically partner with mission-driven organizations in specialized market sectors to develop highly technical facilities. But we also offer solutions to more “routine” challenges for a mix of long-standing clients. Before we design, engineer, and/or build a launchpad, manufacturing plant, attraction, hotel, corporate operations complex, training center, or secure facility, our first priority is to fully understand the driving force behind our clients’ needs.

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Services Adapted to Your Needs

Few firms our size have the full range or depth of AEC services BRPH offers or the cultural mindset for a customized, integrated-services approach tied with strong project and market sector management. Having all these services in-house allows our team to innovate and deliver projects quickly and seamlessly, but we are not too proud to engage other specialists, vendors, and contracting partners when projects require unique technical capabilities. We’re adept at working closely with our clients to supplement their internal capabilities and accelerate programs and progress.

BRPH continuously expands our technical expertise and services in response to new developments and challenges facing our clients with an eye on the future. We combine new and innovative practices with time-tested, rigorous project management and delivery methods – including fully remote project team collaboration – to serve clients more effectively and efficiently. And, we invest heavily in thorough safety programs to protect both people and property.

Core Competencies

Your project deserves the best minds and trusted advisors at every stage of its lifecycle. At BRPH, we draw on talented professionals from every part of our organization to build a dream team for your project.

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Because each client is unique, our market-based teams engage clients to support facility goals that enhance and strengthen business operations while meeting the needs of all stakeholders. Year after year, clients consistently rate BRPH’s knowledge of their business and industry as one of our greatest strengths and most-valued attributes. Our full-service approach and comprehensive, multi-disciplined architecture and engineering teams include experts keen to solve each of our markets’ unique challenges.
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As designers, we always consider form, function, and aesthetics as well as the backdrop of science and technology. But today, the pace of change and its human implications have us rethinking how to adapt, remain relevant and create people-centered environments for collaboration, flexibility, cultural cultivation, and technology integration. Not all projects are landmark buildings that will embody an organization’s identity and accomplishments, but all projects must serve the people who inhabit them and the missions they support, sometimes with award-winning results and always with close attention to the client’s objectives and experience they desire to create.
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When success means more than great design and engineering, our program management and construction professionals offer collaborative, creative solutions. BRPH formed a Construction Services unit in 1996, recognizing our clients’ needs and the growing range of project-delivery approaches available to resolve complex challenges in the AEC industry. Since then, we have collaborated with some of the best contractors, construction managers, and program managers in the world to accomplish projects using every major alternative delivery method. Selectively, BRPH provides integrated turnkey solutions to clients where specialized facilities or unique project constraints, such as security considerations, can benefit from single-point responsibility for all design and construction. Regardless of our role on the design and construction team, BRPH recognizes that the best approach is the one that leads to client success.
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Department of Defense agencies, prime contractors and commercial aerospace companies often need solutions that extend beyond facilities to drive their business, manage risk and capitalize on new frontiers for growth. We partner with clients and apply decades of expertise to help them strategically position and navigate programs through complex agencies and evolution, investing in beneficial relationships and working to integrate solutions that advance missions. Domains of expertise include space, nuclear systems, air, cyberspace and communications/information systems.

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