female foreman on construction site holding a laptop

What’s the Benefit of Preconstruction Services?

Long before they ever break ground, BRPH can assist clients with a host of preconstruction services, including budgeting and conceptual estimating, value engineering, site selection, and assistance with RFQ selection criteria and RFP preparation. BRPH will take whatever information is available in terms of a concept, which can be as minimal as early program information and sketches, and generate a cost model based on a systems approach.

From our relevant experience, we will make educated decisions and assumptions in areas where sufficient information has yet to be developed. Full narrative statements will accompany these estimate assumptions. Our conceptual estimates are consistently accurate predictions of the ultimate cost.

The firm also offers site selection. BRPH will analyze a proposed site and make recommendations regarding foundations, existing hazards, drainage, accessibility, traffic control, availability of utilities, building exposure, and construction efficiency.

Value engineering is the process of optimizing cost/worth ratios. Our effort offers the opportunity to focus not only on cost reduction but also on minimizing total cost and analyzing initial versus life cycle cost while maintaining design integrity. Our experience proves that the most significant value engineering cost savings are realized early in the design process when major systems are analyzed.

We will assist and manage the development of RFQ selection criteria, participate in the RFP preparation, evaluate proposals, attend interviews, and make recommendations to MAA on contract awards. We will prepare a Responsibility Matrix, review consultant payment requests, make recommendations to MAA, administer meetings and communications, and coordinate the distribution of minutes.

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