Preparing the future’s dynamic workforce begins when children enter school for the first time, continuing through K-12, college, or trade school, and sometimes on the job as career paths evolve and the need for new skills emerges.

Our clients’ primary educational goal is to provide students with opportunities to explore all learning methods and prepare for an unknown future. 

Kids sitting in a booth in the school cafeteria

At BRPH, we believe schools are the starting point to ensure that today’s young minds are tomorrow’s innovators. We strive to help educators and corporate trainers at all academic levels to create innovative, forward-thinking design solutions for education environments by using proven processes to create immersive, flexible, long-lasting, and secure spaces to launch our future. We’ve designed award-winning new and renovated educational and workforce training facilities, as well as whole-campus security and physical plant improvements that give students safe, comfortable places to learn.

More importantly, we listen carefully to stakeholders and the community. We come to the table with cost-effective solutions to shape immersive educational environments that help students learn to innovate, collaborate, develop soft skills and become technology savvy as they embark on diverse paths toward achieving their goals.

“BRPH has handled a number of design projects for us. The team they’ve established is incredible. They’re able to keep tabs on all of the moving pieces, whether it’s a $50 million project or a smaller remodel.”

–Tim Amerson, Facilities Planner, Forsyth County (GA) Schools

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