The global aerospace economy is rapidly maturing, and both private and government entities are working to achieve heights that were mere dreams just a few years ago.

Space is now an integral domain for national security and economic growth – driving new opportunities for defense agencies, government contractors, and upstart private companies.

Aerospace parts being constructed inside large factory

We’ve got them all covered here on Earth. From Kennedy Space Center to Wallops, Kodiak, and Vandenberg, to many domestic and international spaceports and locations where technological advancements in space exploration, space commerce, and defense capabilities are tested, built, installed, and launched.

BRPH brings agility, flexibility, and technical innovation to every project, with major considerations for speed-to-market, security, and cost. We combine seasoned experience and unparalleled longevity, working alongside groundbreaking aerospace innovators to push the boundaries of the possible.

“Overall, BRPH has performed, and continues to perform, at an outstanding level on what is an extremely complex project retrofitting the historic Test Stand 4670 at Marshall Space Flight Center.”

–David Helderman, Director, Alabama Test Operations, Blue Origin LLC

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