Providing Powerful Solutions for Electrical Infrastructure

No facility can function well without robust electrical and communication systems. The BRPH electrical group has the expertise to tackle even the most complicated electrical and communication system designs. Whether we’re designing a launch facility, a theme park attraction, a manufacturing facility or a school, we provide a comprehensive suite of electrical engineering services to ensure safe, secure, efficient and sustainable solutions.

Core Capabilities:

  • gray electrical boxesMedium Voltage Power Distribution System – We provide tailored solutions to meet your needs for medium voltage (MV) power distribution system design, substation design, equipment selection and specification, load balancing and control, device protection coordination, and fault analysis to ensure reliable and efficient design, operation, and maintenance of the medium voltage systems.
  • Low Voltage Power Distribution System – We offer a wide array of reliable low voltage (LV) engineering solutions that safely distribute LV power, ranging from 24-Volt through 480-Volt systems to support your facility’s increasing power, lighting, and fire alarm system needs. We collaborate closely with clients to provide energy efficient and sustainable solutions that align with project requirements, adhere to applicable codes and standards, and remain within your budgetary constraints.
  • Generator and UPS – Our emergency power systems engineering services encompass designing emergency and standby power systems for safe and reliable distribution of emergency and standby power within your facility. We provide design specifications and equipment selections for EPA-emissions compliant generators – both at low and medium voltage levels, generator fuel systems, uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), and energy storage systems. Our reliable and cost-effective designs feature stand-alone, paralleled, distributed redundant systems tailored to meet your facility’s emergency, legally required and optional standby loads requirements.
  • Design of ICD-705 Areas – We design areas within buildings that meet ICS 705-1 and ICD/ICS 705 technical specifications. We have extensive experience with the mitigation of RF signals in coordination with the Certified TEMPEST Technical Authority (CTTA).  Mitigation methods include power line filtering, RF shielding materials, waveguides, and specialized grounding and bonding.
  • 400Hz Systems – We engineer and design 400Hz generation and distribution systems for many aircraft manufacturing facilities, including motor generator sets, 400Hz converters, gate boxes, distribution panels, and stinger cables. Our experience also involves design of flight line distribution for aircraft manufacturing including gate boxes, conduit, conductors and stinger cables.
  • PV Systems – We perform full design of electrical infrastructure for photovoltaic systems including line/supply-side connections for new installations or load-side connections for new/existing buildings.
  • Electrical System Studies – Our team includes subject matter experts that perform advanced electrical system studies such as short circuit analysis, protective device coordination and arc flash risk assessment. These studies are crucial to power distribution systems to determine the available fault level at each electrical equipment, obtain optimal protective device settings to ensure selective coordination between devices, and calculate incident energy levels at electrical equipment to provide arc flash warning labels.
  • Gallery with spacecraft and purple lightingLighting and Lighting Controls – We provide comprehensive design services for lighting and lighting controls. We focus on creating innovative and energy-efficient lighting solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our expertise includes designing interior and exterior lighting for a wide range of facility types and applications, fixture selection and specification, design of lighting controls for optimal energy efficiency, and ensuring compliance with industry standards and applicable energy codes. We thrive to provide aesthetically pleasing environments with key attention to detail and functionality ensuring your lighting meets the highest quality and efficiency standards.
  • Photometry Calculations – Our lighting designs are made possible with lighting photometric analysis. Using software tools, we provide point-to-point analysis to help determine the safest and most effective placement of fixtures to ensure that targeted illumination levels are obtained and balanced uniform lighting is provided at the appropriate task plane. We fine-tune our light fixture quantities and lamp source selections to ensure required lighting power density levels are met and lighting performance requirements are maintained throughout the design, operation, and life of the facility.
  • Extra Low Voltage and IT Infrastructure – We provide telecommunications systems design from “Rack to Jack” including backbone cabling, horizontal cabling, and communications rooms layouts.
  • Fire Alarm – Our in-house team of fire alarm experts can design fully addressable fire alarm systems including all necessary notification, initiation, detection, and monitoring devices.
  • Security Access Control – We closely coordinate with our clients to provide access control system design including electric strikes, electromagnetic locks, card readers, keypads, and head end equipment based on their needs.
  • Surveillance – We design surveillance systems including PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom)/fixed camera location, raceway, cabling, and head end equipment while closely consulting with client security team.
  • Toxic Gas Alarm Monitoring – Our expertise includes the design of toxic gas alarm monitoring system devices, raceway, cabling, and equipment for hazardous areas.
  • Grounding and Bonding – We provide design for grounding systems for entire buildings including counterpoise and grid systems, grounding electrode systems, equipment grounding, test wells, and static grounding systems.
  • Lightning Protection Systems – We have notable experience in designing NFPA 780 and UL 96 compliant lightning protection systems using standard air terminal and down terminal systems or newer technologies such as charge transfer system CTS), early streamer emitter (ESE), or dissipation array systems (DAS).

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