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Awards + Certifications

  • DBIA National Award of Merit, 2021
  • Distinguished Engineering Project Achievement Award, The Engineers’ Council, 2021

Fox Factory
Gainesville, Georgia

With a desire to be better positioned with their growing customer base, FOX Factory relocated their assembly facilities from Southern California to Gainesville, Georgia. The new $47 million facility is helping FOX Factory propel the company into its next phase of growth with a vertically integrated and energy efficient plant for manufacturing shocks and suspension products for off-road powered vehicles.

BRPH designed a 300,000 state-of-the-art facility to provide more than 176,000-square-feet of assembly area, clean rooms, anodizing line, CNC machining areas and shipping/receiving rooms. To support the 200 employees on site and to elevate company culture, the building program includes branding, themed murals and product displays in and around the large cafeteria, locker rooms, and all-hands meeting areas. As the first phase of their relocation strategy, this facility will temporarily house their corporate offices and support areas. These spaces are located on the second level and offer views down into the assembly areas with an integrated tour experience aimed at interacting with vendors, customers, athletes, local partners and industry sponsors.

The new facility is FOX’s first vertically integrated factory, allowing products to move from materials arrival on one side of the building to finished products and shipping on the other side. With manufacturing, anodizing, pre-assembly, full-assembly, and shipping located within the same building, this reduces the need to outsource activities in their overall shock production process. Tooling includes an anodizing line, CNC machining and lathes. The facility also includes two clean rooms and nine loading docks.