We bring an integrated approach to each of our projects, a method that brings different disciplines and stakeholders together to optimize collaboration at all levels.

A team meeting
Team members going over plans

Because each client is unique, our market-based teams engage clients as partners, delivering customized architectural services for each project. Collaboration leads to solutions that support facility goals to enhance and strengthen the business operations of clients in all markets, while meeting the needs of all stakeholders.

Design Through Discovery

We utilize a human-centered design methodology in our pre-design process to uncover your largest challenges- those you know of and those you may not even know exist.

Team presentation
Team white boarding plans with sticky notes

Design Through Discovery is our adaptation of the Design Thinking methodology. It is an empathetic and iterative process that seeks creative resolutions to problems. We do this by relying on the synthesis of direct observation and qualitatitive data collected from the people at the core of the issues identified.

Through a series of chosen brainstorming activities, our design team gains an understanding of your issues, insights into the people the solution will serve, and effectively understands the requirements of the project in order to best meet your needs. In essence, we listen.



“BRPH asks intelligent questions throughout the process. They always provide strong project management with keen attention to detail.”

Frank DiBello, President, Space Florida


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In the first six weeks of 2018 there were 8 school related shooting incidents in the United States, all but one of which were seen as events where someone intended to, and succeeded in the harm of another person. This innocuous statistic averages out to more than one...


Bob Riddell, AIA
Director of Architecture

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