Kennedy Space Center Heroes & Legends

Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, FL

Honoring those who dared to bravely explore humanity’s greatest frontier: Space.

Delaware North Companies, Parks & Resorts

36,880 sf

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It takes an extraordinary person to risk their life for the benefit of all mankind. The astronauts of our nation, whether they have paid the ultimate sacrifice or exemplified instances of extreme bravery, deserve to be honored with unwavering respect. Now, at Kennedy Space Center’s Heroes & Legends exhibit, they can. BRPH was honored to provide design-build, architectural, engineering, and preconstruction & construction management services for the remembrance hall. To complete the project, BRPH repurposed a portion of the existing Early Exploration building and created a unique and prominent addition for the new visitor attractions to pay historic tribute to space exploration.

The creation of Heroes & Legends meant moving the 25-year-old Hall of Fame from its previous location to the Visitor Complex’s main campus. With this move, the astronauts in our nation’s space program can receive the recognition they truly deserve. Heroes & Legends will provide an immersive storytelling experience about the first who dared to bravely explore humanity’s greatest frontier: Space.

BRPH worked to create an experience that will welcome guests with inspirational, uplifting architectural facades featuring an image of Mercury astronauts, followed by the cylindrical “Discovery Bay” room. The next floor has 10 exhibit modules that simulate holograms, augmented reality and other imaginative displays showing off artifacts and memorabilia. A rotunda-like space adds to the beauty of this exhibit and introduces the new US Astronaut Hall of Fame, featuring a media loop montage and an interactive kiosk at the center highlighting the most recent inductees. When creating this new remembrance hall, BRPH strove to take “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” in properly remembering the Heroes & Legends of America’s Space Program.