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Suntree Country Club
Melbourne, Florida

Members of the Suntree Country Club in Melbourne, Fla. had long discussed designing a new clubhouse but didn’t think they had adequate funds. When a renovation of their nearly 50-year-old facility was estimated to be just as costly, the group look the bold step to forge ahead with a new 14,000-square-foot facility.

The BRPH hospitality team was selected to bring the “wow” factor to the interiors of the new clubhouse and ensure that this space, funded by a capital projects fee from country club members, indeed met their needs and expectations.

Their challenge was to provide interior design and furnishings that were approachable and welcoming to multiple generations, yet upscale enough to speak to the club’s rich history and its importance to the Suntree and Melbourne communities. The club is not only used by golfers but as a gathering place for family, friends and business associates.

The BRPH interior design team outfitted the front and rear verandas, lobby, golf pro shop, locker rooms, dining area and bar with a “Florida casual comfort” theme featuring soft blues, teals and wood tones. Muted tropical prints, playful animal patterns and multicolor woven fabrics combine with a cache of light woods and nature-inspired textures to evoke a relaxed coastal feel. The team made the most of plentiful sunlight and floor-to-ceiling windows in the dining area to provide a seamless blend between indoor and outdoor spaces and accentuate the beautiful view overlooking the golf course and the 18th hole.