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Universal Studios
Orlando, Florida

Each year, Orlando attracts approximately 70 million visitors who are eager to enjoy the area’s world class theme parks and experience its thrilling rides and rollercoasters.
One of Orlando’s most iconic coasters is Universal Studios’ Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit which sends riders 17 stories into the air, flying at speeds up to 65 mph, with their favorite songs pumping right along with their adrenaline.

BRPH provided architectural and engineering services for this thrill ride and assisted in creating Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit’s reputation as one of the most advanced roller coasters in the world. This high-speed coaster features color-changing LEDs for a dynamic ride experience, as well as individual audio and video systems for each seat. Guests who dare to ride what is one of Orlando’s tallest roller coasters can also select a musical track from one of five genres (classic rock, country, rap, pop, and soundtracks) to enhance their experience. The personalization is taken a step further, as the ride is also filmed, allowing riders to obtain a digital copy of their ride film with their selected music.