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Kennedy Space Center, Florida

BRPH partnered with Amazon on a design-build project for its $120 million, 100,000-square-foot Kuiper payload processing facility, as well as an in-transit storage facility and additional ancillary support buildings at Kennedy Space Center. Located near KSC’s Launch and Landing Facility (LLF), formerly the shuttle landing facility, the complex includes closed-area-compliance spaces, six large ISO-8 clean room spaces and a two-story office area for support staff. The high-bay area features a satellite processing bay with three platforms, a vehicle processing bay to prepare the upper section of the vehicle for receipt of the satellite dispensers and 108-foot-tall vertical lift fabric doors to allow for the seamless transfer of vehicles throughout the bays. Ten overhead bridge cranes ranging from 5- to 60-tons provide lift capabilities for various sections of the payloads and fairings.

The integrated services contract allowed BRPH to do more up-front planning, programming, procurement, scheduling, cost estimating and budgeting, which helped to avoid redundancies, identify potential challenges/clashes and anticipate supply chain issues and inflation issues much further in advance, ultimately saving the client time and money.

Following the close of the Space Shuttle Program, BRPH partnered with Space Florida to prepare the infrastructure at the former landing facility for future use by commercial aerospace companies. This forward thinking and community collaboration led, in part, to Amazon’s selection of the site, as it sped up the overall timeline of the project.

The facility is on track to open in early 2025.