Photo By Adrien Olichon

Design trend insights from BRPH Design Studio Leader, Jeanne Starling, NCIDQ

Let’s face it. 2020 has and continues to propel rapid social trends of health and safety in every aspect of our lives and that includes vacation ownership. Those considering refurbishments or planning renovation projects will need to respond to guests wanting that great escape with an increased need for well-being and safety like they feel at home. Designing spaces that incorporate the right materials, natural elements and technology are the steps that can get you there. 

Safety Within Interiors

Design materials that protect us indirectly are on the rise including interior finish materials that have evolved to health care levels. The use of inherently antimicrobial fabrics, surface materials and resilient hard flooring finishes are gaining ground for their durability and longevity. Textiles, including both fabrics and carpet, are called upon to be almost supernatural in their performance and are expected to keep their appearance retention.

Turn Space Outside In 

An especially appealing trend that continues to grow, literally and figuratively, is biophilic design which reconnects guests with nature and has proven to enhance health, well-being, productivity and creativity. It is a design reflective of nature-health relationships most important in the built environment using living plants, waterfalls and natural lighting in design installations. 

Touchless With Technology

Beyond high-speed wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity, guests will look for a technology-friendly experience. Forward-thinking refurbishments and renovation plans should capitalize on contactless travel and touchless technology. Increasingly, guests are looking for the convenience of contactless guestroom entry and smartphone use for comfort adjustments and amenity reservations.

Vacation ownership properties that are considering a refurbish or planning a renovation will increasingly need to respond to guest desires for spaces that support health, wellness and safety. Blending environmentally influenced designs with specialty fabrics and materials and touchless technology provides an enduring solution for the times we are in and beyond.

Jeanne Starling is BRPH’s Hospitality Design Studio Leader managing projects for some of the most influential resort and vacation ownership brands. Jeanne is currently focused on designing beachfront and mountainside vacation ownership projects incorporating performance textiles, finish materials and advanced technology offerings.