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Shown left to right:  Rouin Ghanavati, Cole Solomon, Dr. Jignya Patel and Dave Mercier

BRPH’s Director of Business Intelligence and Florida Tech alumni Dave Mercier recently collaborated with Dr. Jignya Patel, Assistant Professor of Information Systems and Director, Business Applied for Florida Tech’s Nathan M. Bisk College of Business, to offer a new graduate-level summer course called Data Visualization.

Mercier assisted Dr. Patel in creating a real-life case scenario for a fictitious 25-person architecture and engineering company.  The students worked in teams using Microsoft Power BI, a leading tool for data analytics and visualization, to learn how to prototype datasets, implement a star schema data model, and develop data visualizations to fully understand utilization, a standard KPI (key performance indicator) for business.

“Business Intelligence is an increasingly important field used by companies across the globe, so I was thrilled to be able to help create a course to introduce this exciting area of study to students at my alma mater,” Mercier explained. “I enjoyed partnering with Dr. Patel and seeing the students’ passion for discovery. Their final project presentations demonstrated real learning.”

“My experience collaborating with Mr. Mercier was phenomenal,” said Dr. Patel. “Not only did I learn a lot from him about PowerBI, but his engagement in class brought real-world experience to the students that is worthy of highlighting on their resumes. As a professor, it gives me satisfaction to know that I have helped prepare students who are ready to take on today’s business challenges with leading tools of the trade.”

Among the Data Visualization students were Rouin Ghanavati and Cole Solomon (shown left to right in photo), both of whom are studying to earn an MBA.

“It was very prolific for me. The class was more than what I expected. I hope to use this course in the future for my job,” Ghanavati said. Having a case study to work from was “more useful for students rather than studying theoretically in the classroom.”

Solomon is midway through his MBA but this was his first experience with data modeling. “The class gave me a great understanding of project management and team management within our group. Having the direct case study from Mr. Mercier was a fantastic opportunity for us to learn not only theory but application of real-world problems and topics. I would love to continue using this in my career.”

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