Monday, Oct. 3rd is World Architecture Day!

BRPH celebrates some of our outstanding architects by sharing what inspired them to pursue their careers.

“What inspired me to pursue architecture was my passion for art and expression while servicing the public need for well-designed spaces. Creating an opportunity to present my personal philosophies through physical matter that typically showcases the balance between modern technologies and timeless ideologies, like space and scale, is a complex yet welcome challenge.”

Scott Terrell, AIA, NCARB
Architect, Huntsville

Scott Terrell

“When I was growing up, my family would always go to theme parks, and now, being able to work on new entertainment projects that help other families make their core memories, is the best part of my job. If my younger self saw all the exciting entertainment projects I am working on now, I never would have believed it. I feel like a kid again, excited to go to work to see my favorite stories come to life. I don’t know who’s more excited about the new entertainment projects we get to work on, the client, our team, or the guests.”

Darcy Brown
Architect, Melbourne

“Architecture must merge function and aesthetic, be semantically derived and inclusive of the why. Else you have anonymous forms devoid of self, its branding and its end user. My design is with a functional intent WITH a semantic reason, not just with creativity lacking origin or whimsical abstracts with no connection to functional solutions. All genres deserve this, not just museums and high budget projects.”

Peter Lagomarsino, AIA, NCARB
Sr. Architect, Melbourne

Peter L
Megan White

“My passion for education has led me to impact future generations through educational architecture. If I can change the course of one child’s life by providing them a safe and inviting place to learn then I’ve fulfilled my purpose.”

Sr. Architect, Melbourne

“During high school, I thought I would pursue an engineering degree but then I took a drafting class and my teacher Mr. Drake asked me if I ever considered architecture. I fell in love with the idea of taking courses where you create something. I’m forever grateful to Mr. Drake for introducing me to this great profession.”

Francisco Alvarado, AIA, NCARB
Vice President, Principal, Orlando

Logan G

“I became interested in architecture at a young age. My family had moved from a rural area in Long Island, NY, to a suburb in Tampa, Florida. I immediately saw the stark contrast between LaGuardia airport and Tampa International. Also, the houses in my new neighborhood were spaced much closer together and in much more vibrant colors and materials, whereas in New York, they were all pretty much wood siding and brick. I fell in love with houses first, but then I realized it’s more than just the look of the places we live in or the buildings we play in; it’s about the people we serve and how design can make their lives better.”

Sr. Architect, Charleston

“It was listening to an interview with the chief architect of the Baltimore Orioles stadium that made me realize this is what I wanted to do for a career. The way the building served to revitalize a depressed part of the city while evoking the classic ballpark language was thrilling and inspiring to me.

Seeing a building I designed being constructed by teams of workers is a thrilling and humbling experience. It’s difficult to imagine a more professionally gratifying moment than walking though the building as it nears completion after spending months or even years on design.”

Rob Bartlett, AIA, NCARB
Architectural Studio Lead, Melbourne

Ken Lowery

“From an early age I have been interested in construction and the way things are put together. A childhood visit to Egypt and seeing the great pyramids intrigued me on how structures can be icons in the environment. This drew me more into the built environment and how could I become involved in designs that may impact others in real life. Throughout my career I have come to realize what I love most about this profession is not only the visuals but the process, teamwork, and challenges that go into making the end product. This includes addressing building programs (which are never the same), the creativity in the design meeting that program, applying building codes, and just being a professional problem solver. Architecture provides new daily challenges and is a dynamic profession that is always changing for me.”

Architectural Studio Leader, Seattle

“I was raised in a small town in Arkansas in the 70s, so I wasn’t really introduced to architecture until I got to the University of Arkansas. In high school I had a love for golf so I thought I would get into golf course design. Finishing my first year of pre-architecture classes is when I decided architecture was for me. What I love about architecture is creating spaces that meet the users functional need or provides a space that gives the user a unique experience.”

Mike Blanchard, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP
Principal Architect, Melbourne

Mike Blanchard


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