Individuals Reflect the Best in Our Profession and Serve as Leadership to the Firm

 (Melbourne, FL) – BRPH, a Central Florida-based architecture, design and owner services firm, is pleased to announce the company’s newest named principals. Principals in a firm like BRPH are those individuals identified as bridging the gap between technical and design excellence and demonstrating the art of leadership. Employees selected as company Principals have extensive experience in their fields. In our dynamic markets, BRPH principals lead company operations and customer service.

BRPH is honored to announce our newest Principals:

  • Rob Bartlett, Senior Architect
  • David Brownlee, COO
  • Diana Cheung, Senior Project Manager
  • Shawn Hamlin, Director of Education
  • Juan Hernandez, Senior Planner/Scheduler
  • Doug Hyde, Senior Vice President
  • Ken Lowery, Design Manager
  • Andrew Liby, Project Manager
  • Tom Wood, Project Manager
































“These employee owners have guided our teams through challenging projects and consistently exceeded our customers’ expectations,” said BRPH President and CEO Brian Curtin. “We are extremely proud that they are part of the BRPH family.”