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Today’s job market may be full of opportunities, but top employers are no less discerning when it comes to seeking qualified talent. BRPH, a nationally ranked architecture, engineering and construction firm headquartered in Melbourne, Fla. compiled this list of 10 traits their firm looks for in new hires. Honing these skills can determine whether you land an offer or sink to the bottom of the stack.

Ideal candidates:

  1. Communicate well: No matter what type of position a firm may be seeking to fill, the ability to communicate clearly and confidently is a must. While not all roles are client-facing, written and face-to-face (or screen-to-screen) communication with fellow staff is just as important, particularly in today’s hybrid and remote work environment.
  1. Exude enthusiasm: Smart companies seek people who love what they do. It’s not simply enough to say it; passion for your profession should shine through in your cover letter and resume, and in your interview and work samples should you advance to that stage. There’s no need to be stoic or play it cool—don’t be afraid to show your excitement for the new opportunity, too.
  1. Play well with others: While a job interview is first and foremost an opportunity to sell yourself, be prepared to show examples of times when you contributed to the success of a team. Everyone knows working as a team has its challenges, so feel free to share any issues you’ve encountered and how you overcame them.
  1. Love mentoring: The future of any company is only as strong as its next generation, but recruiters aren’t just looking for new grads; they’re seeking experienced employees who are willing to mentor others. In today’s marketplace, the most sought-after candidates are those willing to teach as well as do.
  1. Love learning: Along with teaching comes learning—staying abreast, and ahead, of industry trends and technology. Once again, it’s not enough to say it; be prepared to show the ways you stay current in your field, whether through certifications, continuing education, seminars, speaking engagements, publishing and more.
  1. Participate in professional groups: Nothing shows a love of your craft more than membership in a professional organization. Professional affiliations also can expand your network and help you earn additional certifications. Leadership in these organizations is even more impressive.
  1. Think outside the box: Every company hopes to find the next Bill Gates, Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos of their industry. Look for ways to show how you’ve improved processes, created efficiencies or developed new and creative solutions.
  1. Demonstrate curiosity: It’s said that necessity is the mother of invention, but curiosity is just as important to the advancement of ideas. Asking intelligent questions about the potential employer can make you a standout in the interview process but it’s also important to show how curiosity has driven innovation in your work.
  1. Pay attention to the details: Typos, inaccuracies or outdated information on your resume, cover letter or networking platforms like LinkedIn may not be a dealbreaker, but they are indicative of your attention to detail and pride in your work. Don’t underestimate the importance of updating your materials and proofreading them carefully before applying for a job.
  2. Come prepared: Successful job seekers take the time to do their homework. Be sure to research the company and its work, explore its website and social media platforms, and talk to current employees when possible. More importantly, come prepared with thoughtful questions for the interview team.

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