Longwood, Florida


Seminole County Public Schools

22,350 SF

Design Services, Construction Administration

Lyman High School’s Career Innovation Center (CIC) is one of the first projects in Seminole County Public Schools (SCPS) to create a true cross-disciplinary environment to enhance the learning experience for students, by promoting collaboration between faculty and maximizing opportunities to work with local business industry leaders. As a replacement facility for two outdated buildings, the new facility will permit expansion of their existing Building Trades program, provide new facilities for Automotive Technology and provide space for a portion of their Engineering program to ignite collaboration between the trades. It is the next facility in a series of moves by the county to consolidate their career tech programs at different sites around the county, in lieu of smaller programs at multiple campuses. The county will also expand this program to include HVAC, electrical and welding to support the industry’s demand for more skilled labor.

SCPS wanted to re-evaluate how they designed student training for the workforce of tomorrow. Drawn to BRPH because of our unique cross market industry experience and design process, SCPS looked to BRPH to lead this new direction. Using Design Thinking, our team engaged a variety of stakeholders to undercover opportunities to create a showcase facility for two pathways the district refers to as “leak” programs that would elevate career technical education and training. Throughout the design process, SCPS supported our innovative new approach to security, program design and collaboration. One such design example is the “Collaboratorium”, a hybrid space designed to engage engineering students  with the construction tech and automotive tech students. Equipped with a “maker bar” and flexible furnishings, the “Collaboratorium” is a space for students, owned by students. Envisioned as a fusion between hands-on learning, research and development, and student-led activities, the space flows through the interior hallways allowing experimentation to happen everywhere.

Located on an existing campus, the building placement was critical in maintaining physical and visual connections for not only security purposes, but to also support and actively engage innovation across the campus. The orientation of the building acts as a gateway situated near the gymnasium and a classroom building. Working alongside WELBRO Building Corporation, Inc. during the design phase, the team made informed decisions about phasing as the scope included demolition of existing buildings followed by new parking and the construction of the CIC with parking and drive modifications. As of June 2020, the project started construction within budget.