Palm Bay, Florida


Harris Corporation

464,000 sf

Design Services

Harris Corporation came to BRPH with a question. What would their Palm Bay, Florida campus look like in 50 years?

They wondered how they would grow in the 21 st century to meet the needs of their company and employees. They wanted to advance their culture and create a space that improved collaboration, innovation and speed to market.

BRPH began a collaborative process with Harris to explore the possibilities for a new facility. Through research, brainstorming, benchmarking, surveys, programming, and design charrettes, Harris leadership started to see a clearer picture of the future. At its center would be a slick, modern, 464,000 sf., engineering based building.

Through options and analysis, a curvilinear glass design emerged which included over 7,000 glass window panels. The need for a large area plan was mitigated by a double wing design that in turn created a gateway onto the site. When this design was presented to Harris they said it was like Pi, π. This symbolic connection would tie the building to its engineering legacy and forever remind the users of its purpose. The building design engages the campus, encourages collaboration, evolves the culture and advances innovation.