Eastern Florida State College Public Safety Institute

Melbourne, Florida


Eastern Florida State Colllege

67,000 sf

Design Services

The path starts here for public safety professionals.

BRPH developed a comprehensive building program that responds to the needs of Eastern Florida State College and establishes a modern Public Safety Institute (PSI) educational environment.

The design addresses campus connectivity, material articulation, patterning, and public versus private. The Architecture aligns with the existing buildings on campus through scale and proportion while setting a new standard for the Melbourne campus’s language.

The ground floor plan houses a majority of the core curriculum spaces for law enforcement, corrections, EMT and paramedic programs. These programs rely heavily on site access and the ability to use adjacent exterior spaces for training. The south end of the building has an enclosed training area for students to have access to training vehicles and an obstacle course.

The remaining programs such as criminal justice, crime scene, paralegal and dispatch are located on the second level and include unique features like a mock courtroom and jail cell. The third floor houses the college’s district offices and support spaces.

The Institute sets the standard in current criminal justice education facilities. It is a catalyst for current campus rejuvenation and future campus development and is designed to serve the community, county and state for years to come.