Patrick AFB, Florida


USACE, Mobile District

257,975 sf

Alternative Delivery Services Design Services Sustainability

ABC Eagle Award – Institutional – Over $100 million, 2014

Across more than half a million square feet of facilities, the highly secure Air Force Technical Applications Center is now home to an impressive array of technology and capabilities like mission-critical monitoring for a network of ground and space-based sensors for detecting nuclear detonations worldwide, and a Class 10,000 clean room to monitor vibration and electromagnetic interference.

Due to the sensitive nature, the project included extensive communication and information systems designed to comply with Department of Defense (DOD) anti-terrorism force protection (AFTP) requirements conforming to United Facilities Criteria (UFC) and can withstand hurricane force winds up to 140 mph.

One important feature that proves just how critical this facility is to our national security is design for progressive collapse. This means a detonation or something of similar impact could take out a critical supporting structural column and other sections of the building will remain safely standing.

Special consideration was given to key project elements including protecting and coordinating endangered species, mitigating site-inclusive wetlands, FAA and military airfield clearance and phasing construction due to the critical nature of AFTAC’s around-the-clock operations. The project also involved demolition of the existing AFTAC facility which included asbestos and lead paint abatement and mitigation.