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JetBlue Airways
Orlando, Florida

JetBlue has a strong visual brand, which is apparent in all aspects of the company
their offices, tailfin design, uniforms, and now, The Lodge at Orlando Support Center. This hybrid facility represents a “hotel-meets-training-center” concept that serves traveling flight crew and associates. Inspired by the visuals used on JetBlue aircraft, in its other support centers, and the company’s iconic blue and white color palette, BRPH created a bright, minimal space where crewmembers can gather, connect and celebrate. Each floor of this four-story, 196-room hotel is named after one of the tailfin patterns, and the fin graphics are incorporated into the signage and wall graphics. The acoustic panels in the great room are a play off of JetBlue’s windowpane design. The furniture is not only youthful but also reflects the aerodynamic lines of the planes.

The space was designed to encourage collaboration and camaraderie among team members by intentionally designing small guest rooms. The guest rooms have space for private study while encouraging team members to use the other amenities of the building. Varying levels of social interaction are offered from the most private (guest rooms), to collaborative (team rooms), to social (great room lobby).

More than 7,000 JetBlue crewmembers will visit the training facility annually for new-hire orientation and recurrent training. The facility is adjacent to the 105,500-square-foot JetBlue University training facility, also designed by BRPH.

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