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Melbourne, Fla, Jan. 31, 2022 – Suntree Country Club celebrated a ribbon cut earlier this week on its new clubhouse in Melbourne, Fla., with interior design provided by BRPH. This project was especially meaningful to the company as several members of the Melbourne team are also members of the country club and the Suntree community.

The design team outfitted the front and rear verandas, lobby, golf pro shop, locker rooms, dining area and bar in a “Florida casual comfort” theme featuring soft blues, teals and wood tones, said interior designer Stephanie Mastriano. “The decor evokes a

relaxed coastal feel that appeals to the club’s diverse population of both men and women, and spans generations. The furnishings are approachable and welcoming, yet upscale enough to speak to the club’s rich history and importance to the Suntree and Melbourne communities as a gathering place for family, friends and business associates,” she explained.

Muted tropical prints and multicolor woven fabrics, combined with a cache of light woods and nature-inspired textures, provide a seamless blend between indoor and outdoor spaces and accentuate the beautiful view overlooking the golf course and the 18th hole.

Doug Hyde, senior vice president and project executive for BRPH Construction Services, serves as president of the Suntree Country Club, and was integral to the construction of the 14,000-square-foot, $7.5 million facility. Members of the country club had long discussed building a new clubhouse but didn’t have adequate funds to do so. After a 10-year master planning exercise the board considered several options, including a renovation of the existing facility, which was built in 1975, but found that option to be extraordinarily expensive. In the meantime,  club  members approved a new capital project fee and Hyde convinced the board they could build a new clubhouse for the same price.

From there, he became the owner’s leader on the project and represented the club on all matters of design and construction.  The construction committee interviewed several architects and hired a firm that specializes in country clubs and hospitality. They then interviewed several interior designers and picked BRPH Hospitality Group led by Margaret Brock and supported by interior designer Stephanie Mastriano.

“BRPH did all the interior design, furniture selection and selected some artwork,” said Doug. “The entire team worked extremely well together and designed a beautiful club house that we are all very proud of –  within our budget.