The BRPH Creative Team has grown rapidly since I first began work at this company, quickly establishing a reputation for high quality work in the already crowded theme park industry. But unlike many of our competitors, BRPH has the distinct advantage of being able to look across the office to our expert architects and engineers who can help the team bring massive new projects to life – from concept to completion.

The expertise of our architects and engineers heightens our creative ideas, allowing us to present unique and sometimes surprisingly ambitious concepts to clients, knowing our a/e staff will be able to execute our designs effectively.

Engaging with clients early in the process, when they know they “want to create a theme park ride” but don’t necessarily have the details fleshed out yet, is extremely helpful. Previously, clients like Disney and Universal came to BRPH with their own creative package in-hand, already designed. Now, we can offer our own creative services in addition to the architectural and engineering design expertise BRPH has always been known for, with a singular focus on creating the most memorable guest experience we can, from beginning to end.

So how exactly do we work with our theme park clients? Essentially, our Creative Team has the ability to take a 2-hour movie and turn it into an unforgettable ride. Our talented illustrators create preliminary sketches while our writers draft initial story ideas that pull the design together in a way that makes sense to even those completely unfamiliar with the project.

Once the client is satisfied with our initial, proposed direction for the ride, the creative process truly begins. We dive into the intricate details that make those early concepts start to feel real. We refine early sketches into detailed color renderings that we can use to further develop creative ideas with clients. We define the style of themed environments, select color palettes, determine interactive and technical aspects, and ultimately find vendors who are able to fabricate our vision. Of course, all the while we ensure to remain on time and under budget.

Whether building from well-known Intellectual Property (IP) or starting from scratch with an original story idea, we focus our attention on designing from the guests’ perspective, imagining what experiences they will see and enjoy the most.

From the largest U.S.-based theme parks to brand-new themed attractions in China, the BRPH Creative Team is ready to bring our clients’ big, creative visions to life.


With extensive experience in production design in the themed entertainment industry, Sarah leads the Creative Team at BRPH. While Sarah earned her Master of Architecture degree at the University of Pennsylvania, she was led to form her own experiential design company, Pseudonym Productions. She has previously worked in Walt Disney Imagineering’s Research & Development department as well as with Universal Creative.