Ground Support Equipment (GSE)

Supporting every space mission is a sophisticated network of ground support equipment (GSE) orchestrated by a dedicated team that integrates all the intricate, moving pieces. BRPH's specialized design solutions for GSE help optimize operations, maximize cost savings, and reduce the incidence of failure, no matter how complex the assembly operations are.

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Pre-Construction Services

Long before they ever break ground, BRPH can assist clients with a host of pre-construction services, including budgeting and conceptual estimating, value engineering, site selection, and assistance with RFQ selection criteria and RFP preparation.

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Process Piping

BRPH's Process Piping Department consists of an array of experts that have experience solving the most complex problems ranging from pneumatics, cryogenics, and sound suppression systems at launch pads to clean rooms, environmental control systems, and process cooling systems located within manufacturing and launch vehicle processing facilities.

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Design Thinking

We use a human-centered design methodology to uncover any significant challenges and opportunities in our pre-design process – those our clients are aware of and those they may not even know exist. “Design Through Discovery” is our adaptation of the Design Thinking methodology, an empathetic and iterative process for creative problem-solving.

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