BRPH, an international architecture and engineering design firm, is pleased to announce the addition of Bob McLenon to their growing Automotive team.

Joining the team as a subject matter expert in test track design, Bob is a seasoned civil engineer with more than thirty years’ experience in the industry. Bob has designed automotive test tracks for OEMs and suppliers in the United States and abroad, working with industry leaders such as Honda, Toyota, BMW, Ford, General Motors, Chrysler and Porsche.

Bob’s extensive experience in the design of automotive test tracks has included parabolic high speed ovals, dynamic pads, ride roads, wetted surfaces and handling courses. His expertise has been utilized in designing three high speed oval reconstructions for Ford Motor Company, two U.S. based Porsche Experience Centers and a handling track at the North Carolina Center for Automotive Research, along with various test track work for General Motors, Honda, Chrysler and Toyota.

In addition to this, Bob has extensive experience in civil design for industrial and manufacturing facilities within the automotive market. He was the lead civil engineer for the construction of the Honda Manufacturing Indiana facility, the General Motors Dyno lab consolidation, and the Toyota Auto body facility in Tupelo, Mississippi.

Bob will be working out of the firm’s Seattle, Washington office while coordinating closely with teams across the country to amplify the firm’s presence in the automotive market.